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I started out in education back in the late 1990s volunteering in classrooms and working at an early childhood center while I went to college at
I did my pre-student teaching in two different 1st grade classrooms, followed by my year long internship in a 3rd grade classroom.  I did not get a job right after graduation like many teachers at the time, so I subbed and taught ESL to adults for 2 years.  Although I probably did not value it at all too much at the time, I think that it was great for me as I learned that although I thought that my niche was in grades 3-5, it is truly in K-2, and I learned things that I wanted to do in my classroom, as well as things not to do!

I was hired by a district in a Detroit, MI suburb back in 2004 to teach 2nd grade.  I have been in the same school there ever since.  I have taught various grades from 1st-3rd, including a looping experience from 2nd to 3rd grade, as well as multiple 1st/2nd grade split classes.  I love teaching a split as our class sizes are much smaller!

Outside of school, I spend a lot of time with family and friends.  I am fortunate in that my dad is a professor at MSU, so I grew up on campus.  Still to this day, I spend a lot of time on campus for athletic and cultural events.  I am also highly involved with the MSU Alumni Association.

In my spare time I enjoy: traveling, reading, and watching sports.  I also have a cat, Britain who keeps me entertained:)
Sparty and myself when he came for "March is Reading Month" in 2012.  Don't know who was more excited:)

My cat is in the middle (Britain), along with my parents' dog Ernie, and their cat Catalina.  I consider this picture to be rare as they rarely will be peacefully sitting by each other as my cat has an attitude issue...

Me at a MSU football game.  GO GREEN!

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