Friday, October 10, 2014

Freaky Friday!

I can't believe that this first month of school is over!  I really want to be better about blogging more now that I am settling into the school year.  This is my first year in may years that I am teaching a straight 2nd grade.  I do love my 1/2 split, but I am enjoying having to plan less too!

 I am joining up with some other teachers for a Freaky Friday $1 sale!  Check it out as all of the products will be available for only $1 for today only!  Just follow the directions below, or click on the picture for a link to my product which is regularly priced at $2.50.  I hope that you find a great deal on something that you can use in your classroom!

This product includes a set of 32 October themed word problems for 1st graders. It also includes a printable for students to write their answers on, as well as an answer key. I use these as a math center, but you could use them in many other ways as well. You could hide them around the room and have your students see how many they can find and answer correctly individually or in pairs.  They can also be used for SCOOT or as a "problem of the day" as well:)

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