Thursday, August 14, 2014

Science Reader's Theater: Landforms and Water Cycle Bundle & Giveaway

I have so many things to teach like all of you, so I really try to integrate things where I can!  I think that one of my students favorite literacy centers is reading with a friend.  So, I thought that I would incorporate this into science!

This is a bundle of two of my products. It is aimed at 2nd graders but could also be used by high 1st graders as well as 3rd graders.

This product includes 12  reader's theater scripts (2-3 pages each):

Landforms-hills, mountains, valleys, coasts, deserts, plains

Water Cycle and Bodies of Water-water & water pollution and conservation, fresh water and salt water, water cycle, lakes & ponds, rivers, oceans

Each one includes discussion questions, written questions (same as discussion questions but with space to write), and an answer key.
You can use the answer key to check your students work, or make a copy for them to check with a friend after reading and answering the questions together.

There is also a matching game with the landforms, water cycle parts, and bodies of water listed above as well.

You can download a 1st grade sample of this series at:

This bundle is regularly priced at $6 ($2 less than purchasing both products separately, but I am offering it at 50% which is only $3 until I go to bed tonight (8/14/14)!  Click on any of the pictures above for a link to the product:)

You also have a chance to win this product + $10 good toward my TPT store by entering the rafflecopter too:)

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  1. I like to have the students make landforms out of clay, Very hands-on and very fun!

  2. We also study landforms, so I have the students make their own illustrated flash cards as well as make a map of an imaginary place that incorporates a certain number of landforms.

    1. That is a great idea! I somewhat do that at the end of the year when my students design their "dream communities" and they have to choose several landforms for their communities:)

  3. I've used this really cute flipbook that has a different color for each landform and allows the student to see the differences between each easily.

    1. I have seen that before on Pinterest and want to try that :)