Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dollar Day Sunday!

I have 3 great deals that will all be on sale for just $1 each for today only!  Click on the pictures for links to the products.

#1 (regularly priced at $3)
1st Grade Science Reader's Theater: Matter 
These can be used as a science center for students to practice both science, and reading fluently.

This product includes six reader's theater scripts:
-matter is all around us
-sinking and floating
-matter can change

Each one includes discussion questions, written questions (same as discussion questions but with space to write), and an answer key.

You can download a sample of this unit to try out here.

 #2 (regularly priced at $1.50)
 Addition Without Regrouping Task Cards & Game
This product includes 36 task cards that could be used as a math center, SCOOT, or as a math game to play using them. In addition, there is an assessment page, as well as an answer key to be used either with the game, or for the teacher. 

#3 (regularly priced at $3)
"Funtastic" Fractions: Fraction Games, Activities, and Ski
This product includes several games, activities, and skill sheets to practice/assess understanding of basic fractions.

This set includes:
-Fraction Spoons Game
-Fraction Matching Game
-Fraction Sorting Activity
-Fraction Dominoes
-Fraction Matching Skill Sheet
-Fraction Sorting Skill Sheet
-Could also be used as flashcards

Today is your last chance to enter for a chance to win a $50 TPT gift card!
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Here is a clickable list of all the participating stores!

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