Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Guided Math Book Study Chapters 1 & 2

I am participating in a book study of:
The Math Maniac
I love guided math so I am always excited to be learning more about it, and how others do it in their classrooms!

Chapter 1- Guided Math: An Introduction
Most of this chapter was very familiar to me.  I really love how guided math allows me to meet students where they currently are, so that some students are not bored because they already know it, while others are baffled because they don't have the prior knowledge that they need.  One thing that I did learn more about was a "share period" at the end of each math period.  I have never done this before.  My only concern would be a lack of time.  I already have so much to fit into each school day.  But, I am thinking that if we can gather on the carpet area for a few minutes while students eat snack, then it would work.

Chapter 2- Guided Math in a Numerate Environment
I really love her emphasis on students proving their thinking!  So many students just want to say the answer, but do not know the true math behind it.  Most of the elements of math workshop I already do.  Being a split grade teacher for the past few years, I rarely did a whole class mini-lesson.  Instead, I would just integrate it into my "math with the teacher" group.  But now that I will be teaching a straight 2nd grade, I think that this may save me some time.

I do really like her "Number of the Day" as being part of calendar and would like to add that to my calendar time.
Ex. 100
Half of 200
10 tens 

I am looking forward to discussing chapters 3 & 4 next week!

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  1. I love the idea of doing the sharing while kids have snack! That could really save some time and help make sure it happens!

    The Math Maniac

    1. I normally do a science/social studies read aloud during this time but I think that it will work :)