Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goodbye July, Aloha August!

Can it be possible???  July is nearly over???
I have teamed up with 40 fabulous stores for...
This is a FABULOUS 4 day event that is full of sweet deals, savings and 4 amazing giveaways!
Here's a peek at what you are being treated to...
Each day a new 'deal' will be posted by the 40 participating stores! Be sure to visit their Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest accounts to find the daily deals and codes you will use in the TPT search engine to find the sweet deals!  You can also find the codes on the pictures at the bottom of this post.

I am putting my "Community Detective & My Dream Community" bundle on sale for $3 today (regularly $4.50).  This product is a bundle of two of my best sellers: "Community Detective" and "My Dream Community."

Community Detective:
This activity enables students to be a "detective" as they look at 3 mystery communities. There is an example of each type of community: urban, suburban, and rural. Using pictures clues, and facts about each community, students need to infer as to which type of community each one is and provide reasons for them thinking so. There is also a writing piece to have students choose which of the three mystery communities (names of the real communities are provided at the end) that they would want to live in when they grow up and what characteristics of the community would make them want to live there. This activity works well in pairs or in small groups so that students can discuss their reasoning, but could also be completed individually as well.

My Dream Community:
This project is perfect for integrating social studies and writing. Students will practice a variety of social studies and writing skills including: comparing and contrasting, geography, government, and economics. First students will learn about urban planning, followed by planning and designing their own community, and then writing about it. Black-line pictures of a variety of types of community buildings and houses are included, or students may draw their own. There is a project/writing assessment page included based on a scale of beginning, developing, and secure.

You can see a product review of My Dream Community at Secondgradealicious.  You can click on the picture to check it out:)
Community Detective & My Dream Community Bundle
Be sure to come by and visit our social media sites each day for reminder posts!  In addition, you can find the links to all the participating stores well as 4 rafflecopters!

That is right...4 rafflecopters!
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Think of all the wonderful resources you could score with that...and just in time for Back To School!

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