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Reading Comprehension & Celebration with Lakeshore Learning & TPT Gift Card Giveaway!!!

teach reading comprehension 

This coming year will be different for me as I will be teaching a straight 2nd grade class.  One of the things that I love teaching most is reading!  I will miss seeing the great development from beginning to the end of the year development with 1st grade readers, but will love teaching even more higher level skills with my 2nd graders!
I made a large purchase on TPT (click on the picture to view it on TPT):
Monthly Close Reading Club {Use for Differentiated Weekly
This product I feel will really enhance teaching reading comprehension.  I bought it right before school got out this year, and can't wait to use it!  There are leveled readings for throughout the year.  My plan is to use them for shared reading, and then to have copies of previous ones to use while at "read to someone," as well as to send a copy home on Friday with each child to practice reading with while at home.

I also purchased:
Find Us Forever Homes (Critically Reading, Analyzing Infor 
I also want to incorporate more partner/group reading comprehension activities such as the one above.  My students LOVED this activity!  They were placed into small groups to figure out which home would be best for the dog that they were given by inferring.  Do you know of a similar reading comprehension activity?  If so, I would love to hear about it!
I will still be using the "Daily 5" (with my own classroom tweaks) in my classroom.  I have several options at "read to someone."  Some examples are:
-Fluency activities from FCRR (FREE)
-read your seat sack books and choose a reading discussion task card
-read to someone comprehension cards that I purchased at Lakeshore where students read to each other, and then ask and answer questions about the passage

Fluency & Comprehension Partner Scripts - Gr. 1-2

While students are at "write about reading," they choose a book that they have read and then a prompt from this product:
Reading Response Menus Across the Year {2nd Grade CCSS-Aligned}
It does say 2nd graders, but my 1st graders were able to use it too!  Students chose an "appetizer" on Monday, and then when they finished (whether it be Monday or Tuesday), they went on to a "main course" prompt, followed by a "dessert," and then would go back to a new appetizer at the end of the week if they had time.  There is a set for each month.  I kept copies in a folder at the "write about reading" center, and then also sent copies for each child to use while it home after reading each day.
I really don't have any related products, but I am celebrating!  I have 294 TPT followers, 98 Bloglovin followers, and 575 Facebook likes!  Since I am so close to three new milestones, I would like to celebrate by having a giveaway!  Since I wrote about some great TPT and Lakeshore finds, I thought that I would give you a chance to win some money so that your can purchase your own!  They total up to $30 to spend on your classroom!  Good luck!  :) 

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