Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time & Mother's Day Projects

I had a great day Friday as my favorite mascot visited my school!   The students really enjoyed having a special visitor!  And of course, I did too! :)
But we have been busy working on some other things too...

We made tea for our moms by coloring a tea pot/poem, cutting it with fancy scissors,  adding a background, and then of course attaching a "calming" tea bag with a piece of yarn:)  Sorry that my picture is not great...I was on my prep when Sparty was there so I didn't have much time.
We have also been working on telling time lately.  Our new Math Expressions program includes clocks for the 1st graders to cut and glue into a book about their day.  I think that they turned out nice and were a great way to integrate writing and math.  I usually do something similar with time stamps, but this worked out better.  Plus, I love how the hour hand and minute hand are color coded!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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