Monday, May 5, 2014

Teachers Appreciate Teachers SALE

I am so excited about the Teachers Pay Teachers sale over the next couple of days! I already have my cart filled and ready to buy some great things to finish off the school year ( days), and also as I look forward to next year! As of right now I will be teaching a straight 2nd grade which will be the first time in 4 years for me (had the 1/2 split for the past several years).

So to help you to get even more excited for the sale, a few friends of mine and I have decided to do a special pre-sale!  Each of us have chosen 1 item to put at 50% off throughout the sale starting TONIGHT!  You can see my Link 4 Game here.  You can also see a link to all of my other products that will be on sale here Make sure that you use the TPTXO code so that you can get 28% off for the TPT sale!

I hope that you have a great teacher appreciation week!

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