Thursday, May 1, 2014

Field Trip and Other Science & Social Studies Fun

We went on a field trip yesterday. This year was the first time that I took two field trips in one year, and both to places I have never been to so that was nice:) We went to a local plant nursery and I feel that the students gained a lot of information, and had a lot of fun too.

After reviewing the needs of plants, students got to plant their own flowers to take home.

Then students went on a tour of the greenhouses.  They even got a behind the scenes tour of how they make flats of plants, and the various machines that were used.  I think that the students liked that, but they also enjoyed walking around and learning about so many different plants.  This place was great as they have "kid stop signs" all over for what the students will be interested in.  We also had a great guide the whole way through to talk and answer questions.  One of their favorites was the chocolate mint plant that smelled like Girl Scout cookies :)
They also really enjoyed seeing how the various plants are watered throughout the greenhouses and the many different ways they are watered.
We have also enjoyed social studies recently with a letter writing project.  After reading Look Out, Washington, D.C. while we were studying American symbols, we wrote letters to various museums and organizations around D.C. asking for information.  I had students each choose who they wanted to write to so we are receiving brochures daily the last few days.  They love seeing who the latest piece of mail is from, and who it was sent to!  Today we got two pieces of mail from Ford's Theater, and the F.B.I. :)
I feel that these are both great activities for students to learn about plants, and American Symbols.

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