Saturday, May 31, 2014

Diggin' Into Next Year- Classroom Organization

 Organize My Classroom

As a 1st/2nd split grade teacher, I have to be incredibly organized!  

I have a drawer devoted to upcoming work and copies.   I have a folder for each day, so that I can throw in copies/materials that I will need each day.  At the end of the day, I take out the following day's folder and put it in my daily basket.  I also have a section for copies (ex. handwriting, making words) that I copy for several weeks at a time.  This way I can just take out the next day's handwriting, etc.

My district is well known for binders as we receive new ones on a regular basis.  Being a split teacher, I have double the amount.  The two that I use the most are for science and social studies.  I have them divided by unit so that I can see what resources I have for that unit.  I like to make packets by unit, rather than send home individual sheets of science/social studies as much as I can.
As I will no longer be teaching a split next year (as of right now I am teaching a straight 2nd grade), my organizational system will be a little bit more simple next year.  Right now I have 1st grade and 2nd grade bins for many things such as science/social studies and math.  Now they will be for groups (I love small group instruction) instead of grades.

I have folders and sub folders for each curriculum area.  Then I have seasonal folders which are broken down into months, and then further into holidays/topics.  This works well for me.

I have both leveled books and books by topic (non-fiction).  Students know their level/color to find books appropriate for them.  The fiction books are by level, and the non-fiction ones are by topic.  Each book has its own color (range of F&P levels), so students know what color is appropriate for them.
 I am fortunate with the split to have a smaller class size, so I used some of the cubby space for storage.

I have some free and paid products that may be of help to you as you think about organizing your classroom for next year :)  Please leave positive feedback if you find them to be useful and get TPT credits (for paid products) good for saving money on future TPT purchases!  :)

Curriculum Map: this is a MS Excel file so you can use it to feed the needs of your class ($1)

Primary Grades Weekly Lesson Plan Form: this is a MS Excel file so you can edit it to fit the needs of your classroom.  You can either print out a master for the year with your set times and fill it in weekly, or type & print it out each week.  (FREE)

Literacy & Math Centers Planning Sheet: this is a MS Excel file where you can write/type in your literacy and math centers each week. (FREE)

Weekly Classroom To Do List: this is a MS Word file that can be edited to fit your needs. (FREE)

Writing Lesson Plans: this is a MS Word file where you can write/type in your lesson plans for writing (FREE)

Click on the image below to see all of the other great ideas out there!

Please join me next week, when I talk about math workshop!  :)  Have a great week! 

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