Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break, Animals & Hail

Well, after our crazy winter in Michigan (with a record 94.8" of snow thanks to several inches this morning...93.6" was the old one), we now are having a crazy spring!  I guess I should say winter and spring are overlapping as we had 70 degree temps this past weekend and 3 inches of snow overnight.   This is a picture on my deck from a very strong hail storm that we had on Saturday night.

I think that in a way it is helping in the classroom as we have less than 2 months of school left, but the students don't seem as antsy about it.  Not that I want the snowy weather to stay around or anything though!

We had our spring break last week so I encouraged my students to keep reading over the break with this great printable that I found on Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher's TPT store.  Students were invited to read in many ways with this printable.  I bought pencil grips as a small reward for students who finished and returned it this week.  This is a freebie, so hop on over with the link if you are interested! 

My 1st graders have been studying animals and making big books about them.  So, I invited them to make shoebox habitats for the animal that they studied over the break.  I have some 2nd graders who wanted to do it as well...I figure review never hurts:)  Anyway, here are two of the projects.  The students really enjoyed sharing their habitats and how they created them!


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