Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TPT Resource Swap and Product Review

I partnered up with Heidi from

for our

I was especially happy because Heidi is a fellow 1/2 split grade teacher!  I reviewed her 3D Geometry pack and am so glad that I did!  This pack provided a variety of activities that were great for both my 1st and 2nd graders:)

First, I would highly recommend checking out her blog!  She has a ton of great ideas on it.  Being from Canada, she has had a lot of snow this year.  I even shared a picture from one of her blog posts here to my students.  We have had the 2nd snowiest winter in SE Michigan ever, so we have had a lot of snow...but not when compared to Heidi when you look at that picture :)  If you are looking for some great ideas, be sure to follow her blog!

Now...on to her product that I reviewed :)  Her product description does an excellent job for you to see what it includes.  I did not have time to use all of the parts of her product yet, but plan on doing so in the future. 
3D Geometry Activity Bundle - Worksheets, Posters and Activities

One center had students choosing 3D shapes to give to their partner (with their eyes closed), and the partner had to guess what shape that they had been given.  The kid loved this!  I placed the paper in a dry erase sleeve so that it could be used multiple times. 
The next center had students sorting how the shape moved: slide or roll.  The students really enjoyed investigating this and noticed that depending on how they were holding a shape (ex. cylinder) it could do both.

Students also played 3D shape memory.  I printed them out on cardstock.  I try not to laminate that much as I am usually the one who has to cut it out.

We also played "I have...Who has"  as well.  My students love this classic game!  There is both a BW and a color version available.

Heidi provides many posters (BW & color) and other games.  She also includes a variety of other activities as well including shape hunts, and assessments.

If you are a primary grades teacher, I would highly recommend this product to enhance your geometry unit!   The activities in this product are really engaging for 1st and 2nd graders!  I give this product:

You can check out her store here.  :)   Make sure that you check it out soon as it will be on sale for 3/20 and 3/21 at 25% off!

If you want to check out her review of "My Dream Community" product click here.   :)

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