Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Erin Condren Lesson Planner

Let me preface this post by saying that in my last 10 years of teaching, I have always made my own lesson plans on the computer (in both MS Excel and MS Word) and never thought that I would spend a bunch of money on a planner.  That is until last year...  I read many blog posts about how wonderful her planners are (I am not being paid by her by the way:)  So last summer, I decided to get one and I LOVE IT!  So when she had a teacher sale a few weeks back, I took full advantage and bought my customized planner for next year (similar to this year's planner).  I wanted to show it to you in case you are in the market for one.  It is my understanding that she will have another teacher sale in May. are some pictures:)

Here is the pretty box that it comes in...I couldn't wait to open the tissue paper!
I was able to choose the colors that I wanted for the color and I have my name and school name on it as well.  I also got some bonus markers (they are normally an extra charge but someone put them in my box by accident).  You can even have a photo placed on it if you want a photo of your family or a pet. 
This is the perfect place to write down all of the classroom volunteer information as well as information for substitute teachers.
The lesson plan pages themselves are so colorful...makes lesson planning more fun:)  She also provides a two-page spread for each month of the year to keep track of important dates.
 This is a quick year at a glance section.
I paid a few dollars extra to get extra checklists, but the come with several in the basic package.
 There is also a note section...perfect for staff meetings!
One of my favorite features are the stickers!  I was obsessed with stickers when I was young.  I remember every year when we went camping, one of my favorite parts was going to this store that sold a large variety of stickers.  Surprisingly, I am not much of a scrapbooker today.  She provides labeled stickers, as well as blank ones which I use for specials (gym, art, etc.) on my weekly plans.

There are two pockets in the back which I use to hold curriculum guides and other important papers.  There is also a plastic pocket perfect for holding stickers, and other small items.  On the back there is also a two-year calendar for reference.
I love this planner and plan on getting many more in the future!  If you are interested in looking into personalizing one for you, click on the logo.

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