Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Good Stuff Snowmen

We made "Goodstuff Snowmen" the other day. We were supposed to have done it a couple of weeks ago, but with all of the snow/ice/wind chill days we are still playing catch-up.  It is based on Lois Ehlert's book:
The students brought in their bags of random items from home.  They painted their snowmen one ball at a time, and placed their "good stuff" on top of the shaving cream/glue mixture (one bottle of shaving cream and several bottles of glue were enough for 20 students).   We were somewhat limited on time due to a birthday treat, so there was not as much snow as I usually have them put on them.  Here are a few:

The kids had a lot of fun with this!  If you want to do this without the glue/shaving cream, this K teacher used a different method.

Now, off to relaxing and watching the Olympics before the Valentine's Day party tomorrow (we have our winter break extended weekend this weekend:)


  1. I love love love that book!!! It is such a great book to use. And you never know what the kids will come up with!! Their snowmen are cute! :)
    Curious Firsties