Tuesday, February 25, 2014

100th Day of School

Today was the 100th day of school!  There were days that I never thought that we would get here with all of the snow/ice wind chill days, it changed the date 6 times this year.  It was also election day in the area, and one of the precincts was in the music room.  Since they were not busy, they let us take a quick peak inside to take a mini-field trip (across the hall LOL) to see how people vote:)  The election workers who were mainly retirees from what I could tell got a big kick out of seeing the kids dressed up for the 100th day of school!

The kids were very excited of course:)  I invited them to come dressed up as either what they think that they would look like when they are 100, or what they would have worn if they lived 100 years ago. Sadly, I can't really share pictures on here, but they were so cute!  Some even brought canes and walked with a limp a few times throughout the day:)

I didn't get to everything that I wanted, but here are the basics:
  • -represented 100 in as many ways as we could during math, as well as solving 100 addition and 100 subtraction problems
  • -writing about what students think they will be like, wear, and do when they are 100
  • -making words out of "one hundreds day"
  •  -took breaks to do 10 groups of 10 exercises (ex. sit-ups)
  • -shared our 100 collections (below are a few)

50 rubber bands + 50 beads=100

I have a boy who loves trains so he brought in a display case with a train in the background and made tracks, etc. with 100 LEGOS
We had a lot of fun today! What is your favorite 100th day of school activity?  Do you celebrate any other days instead?  I have heard of people celebrating the 50th, 90th, and 101st days of school.

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