Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Similes Bulletin Board

We have had our share of snow in Michigan over the last few weeks.  My students are loving it!  Due to all of the cold, we have had several days of inside recess too.  My class this year does not seem to mind too much as they are huge fans of all of the LEGOS and Lincoln Logs in my classroom:)

Anyway...I saw an idea on 

(Facebook page) over the break that I had to try!

The students wrote "snow similes."  I found a product on TPT for this and it was free!  You can see it by clicking on the picture.
Writing Snow Similes

Next, the students each designed themselves for this writing craftivity.  Many thanks to:

A Year of many Firsts
as she provides the perfect and again free template to do so!  You can see her blog post/template here.

This is how some of them turned out in my class.
Of course I love how this particular student designed his jacket to be from my alma matter :)
The students really enjoyed this product.  And I enjoyed it as well.  I am so thankful that everything was free as well:)


  1. Great idea for the writing portion to this art project! We just did the art in class and it turned out absolutely adorable!

    1. Thanks! I was going through my January files and decided they would complement each other well! She has a free fall simile packet as well :) I have seen several teachers do them, and they are all so cute!