Sunday, January 5, 2014

Let It Snow Sale:)

I have enjoyed my last 2 weeks off! First, I went to Maryland with my parents to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and 7 month old nephew!  I just saw him at Thanksgiving and he has grown so much since then:) I felt so blessed to spend his 1st Christmas with him :)   We drove back to Michigan, and about 24 hours later were on our way to sunny California to watch my favorite team win the Rose Bowl which was a lifelong dream for me!  I love being a Spartan!!!  It was the best Christmas break ever!

Southeast Michigan is expecting a bit of snow (6-10 inches), and is expected to have sub zero wind chills over the next few days.  So, although school is scheduled to open on Monday, I have a small chance of having a snow/wind chill day.  I am very excited about the snow as last year was an unusual year in that we only got a few inches of snow where I live!  

So...I have decided to put all of my snow/winter/skiing themed products for 30% off for Sunday and Monday. So if you are interested, please check out my store here.  Also, leave a comment as to which winter themed product appeals to you most (by Monday night) and which ever product is chosen the most, I will put it at 50% off for the next week (at the end of the sale).  You can comment either here or on my Facebook page.  And, as always check out the freebies in my store as well!


  1. Doesn't it feel good to be a Spartan? I know there are times when we should keep quiet. But that was an awesome win! We are on our third day of cold/sub zero temps/transportation issues. I'm kind of liking this. . . Maybe we should just cancel the rest of the week and start all over next Monday!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Second In Line

    1. Same here Patty...tomorrow will be day #3 (already confirmed). I am told that we have not had 3 in a row since 23 years ago. I try to stick with educational stuff on my blog, but being a Spartan right now is too exciting :) Stay warm!