Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best Pizza Craftivity

I will fully admit that one of my weaknesses as a teacher is updating my bulletin board. So, for me to have a 2nd bulletin board up for 2014 by now is a first I think thanks to The Lesson Plan Diva!  Her pizza craftivity project was perfect for my class!  Students answered the question of, "What is your favorite pizza and why?" followed by creating their favorite pizza.
 My Opinion Writing Pizza Pack
First, we brainstormed adjectives to describe all of the toppings that came in the craftivity.

Next, students used their grade level appropriate planner that came with the product.  Then they wrote their pizza opinion writing.  We are working on adding adjectives and adverbs to our writing.

Finally, they got to design their pizza after having a writing conference with me.  I told them that if they did not write about a topping with adjectives, it would not be going on the pizza.  They were very attentive:)

Here is what one of the boards looks like.  For the life of me, I never seem to be able to get a bulletin board properly spaced.
Here are a few closeups too:

The students had a lot of fun with this project!  We will also be voting on our favorite type of pizza and graphing it (a graph is included).  In addition, we will be writing about the data that our graph shows.

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