Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pen Pal Idea

I hope that you enjoyed the TPT sale!  I know that I picked up some great items for my classroom:)
We have really enjoyed writing to our pen pals in Canada!  In addition to our most recent letters, we made a book about our community and published it.  I found pictures of each place for the students to write about.  They were able to choose which place(s) in the local community that they wanted to write about.  Some were right down the street (police station), while others were a little further.  I let them write about our local sports team locations, as well as places where they may go on a field trip, or a day trip with their families.  The kids really enjoyed writing about their favorite places, as well as places in the area.  We are eagerly looking forward to receiving our pen pals book about their community!

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