Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpkin Oobleck & More Post Halloween Fun

We had professional development yesterday to learn more about our new math program.  I did learn a few things, but it was so wonderful seeing so many of my friends from the school that I used to be at.  I am blessed to have wonderful colleagues at both schools!

Anywho...the day after Halloween was a very relaxed day in my classroom.  I was missing 6 kids, so that was almost a 1/3 of my class who was gone.  We had fun anyway:)

Our shared book last week was Room on the Broom.  This is a great time of book for this time of year, and is perfect for teaching retelling!

So we watched the video version which I just learned about last week.
It is much better than the you tube version.  I highly recommend it:)  It was the perfect video to show the day after Halloween (it is not really Halloween themed).

We made pumpkin oobleck that afternoon! The kids loved it so much! I made oobleck in the past, but this was my first time attempting the pumpkin version.  It is basically oobleck with a little bit of canned pumpkin mixed in it.  I tried following a recipe, but ended up having to figure out the perfect mix just by experimenting.

The students had lab sheets to complete with different tests (ex. pour test, slow/fast poke tests).  I think that I can safely say of those students who were there that day, it was their favorite experiment that we have done so far this year!  It was a perfect combination for this time of year and teaching matter!  I sent home the regular recipe for oobleck, and many students (including those who were absent) have made it at home over the last few days:)

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