Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We are Falling into Research!

I LOVE FALL!  I have to say, I just love having colleagues to share and bounce ideas off of!  I was talking with one of my 1st grade partners last Friday after school, and took her idea and ran with it!  I tweaked it a bit to fit the needs of my class.  This week though, my students have been having so much fun learning about leaves!  This topic fits perfectly as 1st graders need to learn about fall, and 2nd graders need to learn about plants!

We started our study on Monday by watching a video on United Streaming (just love that resource!), and pausing to take notes on our research cards.  Although there was lots of great information on fall on it, we focused on just writing down things that we learned about leaves.  Students wrote their mailbox number on each card in case it falls so it doesn't get lost.

I also gathered various levels of books to use on leaves.  This photo is missing a few.  During guided reading time, we have been taking turns reading them, and then discussing as a group how to reword sentences for our notes.
I am so thankful that when I went searching on TPT for leaf products, I came across this product from Crayonbox Learning!  It was free too!  Click on the picture if you think that it would be useful to you as well.  There is quite are many free things on leaves out there:)  So I made them into booklets for my students that we will use next week to make our reports.

This is a view from the inside...plenty of room for writing and drawing!
After we practice organizing and writing our leaf reports, students will be able to choose their own fall topic: apples. pumpkins, bats, owls, and bones.  I collected a variety of books on these topics and will help them to choose an appropriate one that has a book near their reading level.  I have a bin that I have been keeping their research envelopes, extra cards, and books in.  I am going to be doing my best to find informational videos for each student to watch about their topic as well.
My students have been so cute with how excited they are about using the index cards to write down their facts!  :)  Here is a picture of them sharing their fall research books in small groups.

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