Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I had a wonderful Halloween with my class! I must admit that I was a little nervous because I have not had so many parent volunteers in a long time (we were limited to 5 parents at my old school). I had about 10 and the party went really well!

We started off the morning by the kids coming in and decorating their Halloween paper bags to hold their treats.  I pulled students a few at a time to make their "friendship potion" from all of the goodies that were sent in.  They enjoyed making their choices for their afternoon snack.
Our school decided to have our parade fairly early in the day, so after calendar there was not much time for anything else.  I have to say, it was very nice this year having the kids come in already dressed up!  As it was a very rainy and windy day in Michigan today, we paraded around the school hallways and then into the gym/cafeteria so that the parents gathered in there could see us as well.

When we got back, it was time for the party!  Our first game was called "trick or treat."  Normally I am not a huge candy promoter at my Halloween party type girl, but this game was too cute to pass up!  A friend of mine who also teaches first grade was doing it.  She could not remember where she got it.  I tried looking on TPT to purchase my own but was unable to find it.  If you do know, please let me know and I will do so!  :)
Each table had their own Halloween candy holder (thank you Christmas Tree Shops!).  I put in various types of Halloween candy, as well as a few other bracelets, rings, etc.  Each child also got a plate to hold their candy.  Everyone started with 5 pieces. Then they got a card telling them what to do (ex. take 2 pieces, give a piece to a friend, etc.).  They used the cards for about 10 minutes.  Anyone who did not have much/any candy in the end, I gave some.  The kids really enjoyed this game!

After that we played a Halloween version of 4 corners (witch, candy, ghost, and pumpkin).  The kids enjoyed this game as well.

I was going to play "Ghost" (like 7-Up) with these ghosts, but we ran out of time.  Students hand out a ghost instead of touching thumbs, and the students have to guess who gave them the ghost.  I learned early on in my teaching career plan extra!
Then we made an easy art project.  However, I seemed to have forgotten to take a picture.  Basically, it was black paper, and then the kids traced their hands and feet to make ghosts to glue onto the black paper.  They added "Boos" and other Halloween types things as well.

For food, we had cookies, doughnuts, and juice boxes.  This was perfect because lunch was right after the party.  Since it was inside recess, I let them start a few minutes early:)

After lunch, we came back we had read aloud.  We are reading Matilda right now and the kids love it!  I am a huge Anglophile so I usually read several British books a year including Paddington Bear, and Mary Poppins.

We made "haunted fact families."  I seem to have missed a picture of that too:(  Basically, they are houses with a fold-over roof where you make the fact family under the folded part of the roof.  They could then decorate them as they liked.

Then I think that the next thing was their favorite part of the day besides the party...a Halloween Scavenger Hunt.  The kids absolutely loved it!  I highly recommend this product!  My student teacher and I hid 12 ghost with math problems around the room.  I partnered up the 1st and 2nd graders as it is technically 2nd grade math.  They searched all around to see how many math problems that they could find and answer correctly.  I think that I will have to make some more of these for the future!

After gym, they came back and enjoyed their "friendship potion" while watching Spookley.  I had read the book before, but the movie is very cute too!
It was a very fun day in 1st and 2nd grade! :)  Happy Halloween!  Now...I am off to watch my favorite Halloween movie...Hocus Pocus!  Yes, I am in my 30s but know that I am not the only one my age who watches it this time of year ;)

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