Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grammar Instruction and FLASH FREEBIE/SALE!

First of all, let me say that I can't believe that it has been a few weeks since my last blog!  I am absolutely loving my new position, and have been having a lot of fun finding all sorts of things to do with my students!  Not to mention, I still feel like I am making my classroom mine with only having a couple of days to move into before school started.  Almost there though:)  At least all of my own personal books are out of my garage and into my classroom!

I don't know about you, but I remember correcting sentences when I was in elementary school.  I have done that for many years with my students as well (although not on the daily basis that I remember doing it when I was their age). 

Well, I recently had some professional development telling me otherwise.  They said that students should focus on sentences that show the grammar skill, and for them to have time to notice things about them.  Then they can learn more about the rule.  They did say that it is okay for students to fix sentences still, but they should only have a mistake with the skill that is being taught.

So I looked on TPT for something but could only find something for the upper grades.  I did not see anything that looked just right, so I created this product to help me to teach grammar. My school uses the Math Expressions program and my students have "Puzzled Penguin" who always makes mistakes.  So I decided on having "Confused Cat" to do the same! 

I am willing to give this product away to the first two people who comment with a grammar teaching tip that they use in their classroom.  I will have this product on sale for $1 (regularly priced at $5) for about the next hour.

I hope to be back soon with a new classroom management tip tomorrow!


  1. I do lots and lots of verbal examples before we even think about looking at text! Students tend to be more successful in this activity, and will continue to be successful in our grammar instruction, when they have this type of introduction

    Mindful Rambles

    1. Thanks! I am sending a copy your way! Enjoy:)

  2. I provide my kiddos with visuals, written examples and interactive materials for the varied student abilities. Then we do the book exercises. I tried my best to cater to their varied learning styles to ensure that they grasp and understand the grammatical concepts.


    1. I like the idea of interactive materials. Sending it your way :)