Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Leaf Similes

I really enjoy Facebook for keeping up with friends and family (and former colleagues at my old school). After the fall giveaway that many teachers had, I love it even more!   Hopefully you too were able to stop by and pick up some free things to use in your classroom!  One of the items that I picked up, I used this week in my room was this product: (click on the picture to purchase it from TPT)

My students really enjoyed writing and sharing their similes about fall. I also posted the definition so the kids can walk down the hall and possibly learn something while they are doing so.  When I taught 3rd grade and we had to take bathroom breaks, students had a choice in the hallway: book, writing notebook, or practicing their math facts.  It worked well and kept them quiet:)  We use our fingers to silently practice our math facts if we have an extra minute or two.

I are some pictures of my board:

"Leaves are orange like tigers."  I love how the leaf has tiger stripes!
"A fall leaf is orange like a pumpkin"
Being a split teacher, I try to take what I can from what each grade is doing by keeping up with my teammates.  After talking with one of my 1st grade teammates, I have decided that our next writing project will be a shared writing project about leaves which integrates nicely into both curriculums (1st grade-seasons, 2nd grade-plants).  Then the students will be able to choose from several other fall topics: pumpkins, bones, bats, and owls to write their own research reports as well. 

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