Sunday, September 29, 2013

Community Detective and Giveaway

My 2nd graders are studying communities, comparing and contrasting the 3 different types.  So, I made this activity where they could be community detectives.  This activity enables students to be a "detective" as they look at 3 mystery communities. There is an example of each type of community: urban, suburban, and rural. Using pictures clues, and facts about each community, students need to infer as to which type of community each one is and provide reasons for them thinking so.

There is also a writing piece to have students choose which of the three mystery communities (names of the real communities are provided at the end) that they would want to live in when they grow up and what characteristics of the community would make them want to live there. This activity works well in pairs or in small groups so that students can discuss their reasoning, but could also be completed individually as well.

I am willing to giveaway this activity to the first two people who leave a comment about how they think this would work best in their classroom (individual, pairs, or small groups), and also includes their e-mail as well.  It will also be available in my TPT store as well.  Click here if you are interested in looking at it there.


  1. This looks like it would be a lot of fun. In my class, we look at pictures and talk about the differences. I'd love to use this in addition to make them discuss what's different/same and why. I'd start them doing this in probably small groups and then bridge to large groups and pool our knowledge. The other idea I have is to use this as more of a group assessment to see if they really understand the different types of communities. If I do it that way, I'd do it as a center station where they have to do it individually. Then later in the day I'd have them discuss with their groups and then whole group. I love the writing piece you include and really want to do that with my kids. I'm so inspired right now!
    andrea . m . lee84

    1. Thank you for your reply! You gave me some ideas as well:) I am sending it on your way (wanted to yesterday but had an internet so I only had phone internet).