Monday, September 23, 2013

Adding Details to Writing

My mentor teacher (she was my mentor when I started but 10 years later I still learn from her) shared this idea with me and I think that it works really well!  Many of you like me probably use sequencing cards such as these:
I have used them for many years.  However, my mentor  teacher showed me how to extend them even more.  I copy a set onto a piece of paper with picture space, but this is optional.  We talked about the pictures and what was going on and the order that they go in.  Then, I told them it was their job to think of a story about the pictures.  They could not just say, "The dog is dirty.  The dog took a bath.  The dog is clean." 
I told them that they had to name their dog, and tell a story about how it got dirty.  Then they had to think about the bath...who was giving it a bath?  How did the dog feel?  Then they were able to work on their endings.  After everyone wrote their stories, they had time to share them.  They really enjoyed (and so did I) seeing how they all saw the same pictures but had very different stories about what had happened in them.  This really helped my students with adding details.

It is very interesting to see how kids can sequence these sometimes.  I had one student who told me that the dog was clean, but then it played in a mud puddle, and the ending was that it had to take a bath. 

Happy writing!

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