Monday, August 26, 2013

So much to do, so little time when life changes :)

I just looked at how long ago my last blog post was...I am so embarrassed. I found out that I got my dream job at another school in my district where I will be closer to home!  I took a couple of days to pack up my classrooms (I've accumulated a few things over the past 9 years, and made "a few" purchases at Lakeshore), and then took off for Oregon for a family wedding/vacation while my boxes were moved across the district.  I had a lot of fun with family, and saw what my cousin was doing in algebra where several of us attempted to solve a homework problem of hers.  Let's just say if you don't use lose it.  She found this shirt on her flight home.

I have been busy unpacking and setting up my new classroom (will post pictures this week) with the help of a good friend, and my mom is coming tomorrow. I am going again with the green/white/sports themed room:)  Then I have p.d. and open house on Wednesday, and more p.d. on Thursday.  I am really looking forward to meeting my new students next week!

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