Monday, July 1, 2013

Michigan Teacher Blogger Meetup

I had the opportunity this past Saturday to meetup in Grand Rapids with fellow teacher bloggers from across the state and loved it!

When I found out that it was being held at one of my favorite restaurants (P.F. Chang's), it was a bonus!  As my photography skills are completely lacking, Maria from Kinder-Craze was so kind to allow me to use her awesome pictures of the event!  You can check out her blog for additional pictures:)  I found out that it is such a small world as Maria and I actually had the same student (at different times).

Christina and Patty were excellent hostesses!  They provided us each with a name tag that had our name as well as a picture of our "blog button" which was so helpful!  They also gave each of us a gift bag.  They were so sweet!  I have never been to a blogger meetup before, and they were extremely welcoming to me!
 I also won some blue organizing containers because my birthday was closest to Christina's:)

Here is a picture of me with Marsha from

These were the bloggers that were there:
Christina Bainbridge-
Patty Rutenbar-
Amy Marshall-
Holly Wasilewski- (there in spirit)
Maria Manore-
Kelly Leatherman-
Laura Schumacher-
Marsha M Moffit McGuire-
Julie Van Alst-
Betsy Leatherman- Kelly's mom!  :)

You should check out their blogs if you are not familiar with them.  This is a talented group of teachers to say the least!

It was so fun to meet up with teachers from across the state!  I really enjoyed our discussions on education from various perspectives!  I also learned some blogging tips from these blogging rock stars! I hope to make it to another blogger meet-up soon!


  1. It was so fun to meet you on Saturday! Looking forward to the next time!


    1. It was fun meeting you as well! It is so wonderful to meet all of the great teachers behind the blogs! :) I hope that there is another meetup that I can make it to soon!

  2. I feel so out of the loop! I left for Houston the very next morning at 5:00 AM and just got back today. . . I've been following FB and some blogs but it's hard to do when you're on VACA!
    I'm so glad that you could make it and it was fun to meet you too. I have a sneaky feeling this group will do some other gatherings at least once a year if not more!

    1. I hope that you had fun in Houston! I am sure that I will be out of the loop next week when I am visiting my sister and her family so I can empathize. I hope to meetup again too! Thanks again for being such a wonderful hostess! :)

  3. Awww, I just saw this - really wish I had been able to be there! You're right - I was there in spirit! Hope to have another meet up soon!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

    1. Holly, I agree about hopefully meeting up soon! I would be happy to help plan one if someone wants to plan one as well! I live near Michigan's only Lakeshore store if that would help anyone out:) By the way, I love your blog! :)