Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Dream Community: An Urban Planning Project

My 2nd graders just finishing their dream community projects!  They had so much fun being "urban planners!"  We first learned about what urban planners do.  Then, they had to plan their communities (including what state they would be located in).  After getting their plan approved, they were able to color and design their communities.  They had to think about where to place things such as placing houses in quieter locations.  At the end, they had a writing response activity with their urban planning book which included a variety of geography, economics, and government questions as well as having to compare and contrast their dream community with the community that they live in now.  Here are some samples:)

 I am willing to giveaway a copy of this project to the first person that comments and provides their e-mail address:)  If you are not the first person, and are still interested, you can click on the cover to find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
 Only 1/2 day to go!  :)