Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This week my 1st and 2nd graders worked together with the other two 2nd grade classes for a graphing project.  We first had the students ask questions that they wondered about shoes.  Then we buddied students up to measure each others shoes in centimeters.  They traced their feet first, and then cut them out.  They had to check their partners work which was a lesson in itself as it depended on how they measured the shoe/foot.

Once we had the shoes cut out, students placed their shoe on the appropriate spot on the graph in the hallway. 
Today we went out into the hallway and discussed our data.  First, I had the students write down something that they noticed about the graph.  They noticed some great things!  One thing that I did not notice at first, but one of the kids pointed out was that we had two numbers 21 cm long, and 22 cm long that at first glance looked like they had different results (we later put up sticky notes), they actually had the same number in each column.  This led to a great discussion!
Following a great math discussion, I had the kids write story problems about the graph.  I encouraged them to use math words such as "compare" and "difference."  The kids had some great problems!  I found that this was a great lesson, and the kids really enjoyed it too!

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