Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Field Day, and more:)

I hope that you had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!  I was fortunate to go and visit my week old nephew outside of Washington D.C. over the weekend.  Such a blast!!!   As I flew out of D.C., we flew right over the Arlington National Cemetery making me really think about what the day was about.

Anywho...I woke up this morning not knowing whether or not field day would be held today as it was wet and foggy, and storms were in the forecast.  I dressed for it because it is my experience that you never know if field day will be held.  When I got to school, I found out that it was a "go."

Field Day was a little different this year, and the kids really liked it:)  K-2 was supposed to be out on the playground in the a.m. completing various activities.  We went out, but it quickly started to rain, and it was a bit chilly so we went back inside.  We went back and did an Adventure to Fitness episode (the castle one).  The kids really enjoyed learning about castles, moats, etc. and they were moving too!

Then...the highlight of the day (from what many students told me) was the bounce houses similar to the one below that were set up in the gym (along with a snow-cone maker brought to us by our parent club).  One was an obstacle course, and the other was one that they crawled through.  The kids had so much fun!  I ended up having to go part way through the obstacle course one to check that some kids were moving.  Wow!  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be!
After an hour of the bounce house, it was time for lunch!  All through lunch it poured.  Then the kids relaxed and did read to self for a bit before it was time to go outside to the high school track next door.  As it is made with turf, the "grass" dried quickly.  The kids had a lot of fun there as well with the more traditional field day games.  It started to sprinkle on our way back, and poured just after school got out for the day.

I was going to have the kids work on their social studies projects at the end of the day (some of the 2nd graders wanted to work on them during their lunch recess inside as they find them to be fun), but in the end they ate a snack and we watched a Charlie and Lola (TM) DVD that I have. I am a huge Anglophile, so I love pretty much anything British so when I found these DVDs (based on books), I was so happy!  The kids really enjoy hearing the British accents that the characters have in these adorable stories!  They are some of my favorites for "listen to reading" on the BBC site.  My personal favorite is, "I Am Not Sleepy, and I Will Not Go to Bed" where Lola comes up with tons of excuses for why she can not go to bed.

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