Wednesday, May 15, 2013

End of the Year Ideas

I am so excited for the end of the year...just a few more weeks to go!  I love my class, but I could use the break:)  But until then, we have a lot of learning and a lot of fun things to do!  So, I am participating in
Primary Inspiration

Teacher for the Day: Students are able to sign up to be "teacher for the day" (10-15 minutes in reality) and to teach the class something.  Previous lessons include: all about money, recycling, art projects, and how to make a sandwich.  This is a huge hit every year, and could be adapted to many levels of students.  The kids have a lot of fun with "being the teacher!"  Depending on how many kids that I have interested, we do 1-2 a day the last week or two of school.

Game Day: I usually do this the day before the last day of school.  Students are able to bring in their favorite board/card game from home to play with their classmates.  I emphasize that if they would be upset if something happened to a game piece, they should leave it at home.  We usually do this for about 60-90 minutes providing multiple times to change games.

Teacher Report Card: This gives students the opportunity to grade me.  They love doing this, and telling me what they thing that I am good at, as well as things that I could do to be a better teacher:)  Here is a copy of mine (click on mine).  After you download it, feel free to change it to fit the needs of your grade/students.

End of Year Memory Book: I have several that I have made over the years available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  You can purchase the beach one here, the sports one here, and the camping version here.  All are the same book with different clip-art, and are available for $1.75 each.

Beach Reading Day: I invite students to bring in a beach towel, and then we go outside and do "read to self" and "read to someone" on the towels on the playground.  This is a hit every year!  I usually try to do it at least two times.

Writing Spelling Words/Math Facts with Sidewalk Chalk: This is new to me this year, but I think that it is a great addition. Before we went outside, students had to write down their personal spelling words (see here for a blog entry about that, and also my individualized spelling program available in my TPT store) , along with whatever math facts that they are working onto their piece of paper so that they can copy it outside.  This was differentiated as students copied facts based on what they are working on in (+, -, or x).  Today was a really windy day, and a couple of students lost their papers to the wind, as they flew up onto the school roof.

Some kids spread their words around the playground (see above), while others put their words in one spot (see below).

After the students had time to write their words and math fact, we hunted for spelling words and math facts.  I said such things as find as words that started with a certain letter, words that would rhyme with something, and math fact answers (find a math fact that equals 10).  I told them that they could not look at theirs, but had to find a friend that also had it.  They ran around the playground quite a bit with this activity.  The kids LOVED this!


  1. WOW you have so many great ideas! I love the teacher for a day idea and might have to steal that one, and also love the chalk outside idea!

    1. Thanks! :) I can't claim the teacher of the day idea, found it somewhere many years ago and have done it every year since. Hope that your kids enjoy it as well:)