Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cursive Handwriting & FREEBIE

My 2nd graders have just finished their first cursive handwriting book (the school provided Zaner Bloser blacklines).  They were so excited to start it a few months ago!  Some of them have wonderful cursive, and others, well...they need a bit more practice:) So I found this book.  It has regular practice plus a variety of cross curriculum material as well (ex. space, landforms), so the kids are learning science and social studies at the same time:)

The 1st graders want to learn too.  Whenever I teach the 1st/2nd split, I tell the 1st graders that if they do a really nice job on their printing, I will teach them how to write their names in cursive at the end of the year.  This site allows me to write in student names (or whatever else you want) for them to practice cursive.  They have a printing option as well for students who are not yet ready for cursive.  It is a free site, and there are many fun themes to choose from for your practice page.

I like to read a book to my class about cursive too.  And you can't beat Beverly Cleary as an author in my opinion.  It is a very quick read at 96 pages.
From the site:
 At first, Maggie is just being contrary when she tells her parents she doesn't need to learn cursive. Then her teacher, Mrs. Leeper, says Maggie's cursive is so untidy her name looks like "Muggie," and Maggie decides she will never, never read or write cursive. Nobody can make her. But when Mrs. Leeper appoints Maggie class mail messenger, the notes Maggie must carry are in cursive. Maggie can't read the notes, but she suspects some of them are about her. Now she really has a problem!

Many of the 2nd graders were asking if they could complete their daily work in cursive.  I told them that if they apply for a cursive license, and pass that they may do so.  I am making this cursive handwriting application and license temporarily FREE at my Teachers pay teacher store.  I did not use primary lines as 3rd graders they will be using regular notebook paper without them and I want them to be prepared.  I hope that you find it helpful!

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