Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Revising and adding details to sentences

I have some students who struggle with making detailed sentences.  So I wanted to share something that has helped my students with this.  I use sentence strips, or you could also use strips of paper.  I have the students write a "kindergarten sentence," but without the punctuation at the end.  This is defined as a 3-4 word sentence on the sentence strip.  I do tell them that as 1st and 2nd graders most of their sentences should be longer than that.  

Ex. I see a cat

Next, I ask them to add a word by writing it on the strip and inserting it into the sentence by moving words as needed.

Ex. I see a black cat

Then, I invite them to add another detail to make their sentence more vivid, and to insert the words as needed.

Ex. I see a  black cat sleeping under the table.

When they have added details, I have them add a punctuation mark to the end of the sentence.  You could also use picture prompt with struggling students.