Monday, March 11, 2013

Using Hand Signals in the Classroom & "Emergency" Hat/Necklaces

I wanted to share two things that I feel has made my daily classroom management when it comes to interruptions so much easier!

Hand Signals
I am sure that I am not the only out there who does this in one way or another, but using signals has allowed me to spend more time teaching! Students show the appropriate amount of fingers in the air for whatever they need:
Now, when I am teaching whole class, I can just look at their finger and then nod yes or no without having to stop teaching:)  Anyone else do something like this?  Another teacher who used to teach at my school taught her kids sign language, but I do not know that.

"Emergency" Hat/Necklace
I have had an "emergency" necklace or hat for many years.  These usually go along with my themes.
Sports-sport necklaces that I got at Party City
Camping-antler hat
Students know that when I am wearing these, it had better be "super duper important" to interrupt me.  If they start to ask me something, I point to the hat/necklace and they usually walk away and talk to me when I am available a few minutes later.  If it is important but not an "emergency", they can write me a sticky note.  I mainly use these during guided reading, guided math, and while testing students.

I wish that I would have known about these my first few years of teaching!  :)

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