Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shape Robots

My 1st and 2nd graders have been fascinated with the 3rd graders recycled robots at are in our school media center.  So, when I came across Smiling in Second Grade's post on geometry robots, I knew that I had to do them with my class!  My 1st graders have just finished studying 2D and 3D shapes and need a little more work, and a little review never hurt so the 2nd graders made them too.  The requirement was, they could make a person/creature, and a pet if they wanted only using the pattern block template shapes.
Mine is a tiny bit different...

They then had to count the amount of various shapes that were used in the picture.  You can download the paper that I made for free here  Here are some samples:)

I think that they turned out super cute and each is so unique!  Please don't think that I only have 15 students...I currently have 20 but some are still finishing...  This is one of the joys of teaching a split, I have smaller class sizes (capped at 22 whereas 1st grade is 29, and 2nd is 32 with no aide for either).  I always request a split if available!!!  :)

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