Sunday, March 17, 2013

FREEBIE Scholastic News Write About Reading

With the Common Core requiring a greater amount of non-fiction to be used in the classroom, I created this for my classroom.  After reading the Scholastic News together, students write about what they learned from the article.  I have a feedback area for students on the top of the page which focuses on different writing target skills with either "well done" or "please practice."  The product includes both 1st and 2nd grade versions.  As it is in MS Word, you can adapt it to fit the needs of your student and class throughout the year as their needs change.  Here is a sample of what one of my student did a couple of weeks ago.  I have my students highlight what I call "topic terms" when they are done, to encourage them to use words from the article in their writing.  They also get to draw a picture on the back about something that they learned about while reading. It is available for FREE at my TPT store.   I hope that you find it to be helpful!

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