Friday, March 22, 2013

Filling a Bucket at Student Led Conferences

My school had student led conferences the other day.  I really like these much more than the fall ones, as they are student led, so students can really show their parents what they have been working on as well as what they do while they are at school every day.

Students showed their families:
  • their self assessments
  • read them a "seat sack" book and showed them their reading journal
  • read a bit of a favorite big book to them
  • some of their writing pieces
  • taught them their favorite math game
  • their favorite "academic" computer activity
  • anything else that they wanted to show them (calendar was very popular)

At the end right before they left, I gave each of them their "buckets."  We use "bucket fillers" at our school.  Each classroom has a bucket that students try to fill by doing nice things.  Another teacher in my school said that she had read something about students writing nice things about each other and filling their buckets.  I thought that they would be the perfect time to do this.  So a couple of weeks ago I wrote down the names of every child in our classroom.  We talked about how you couldn't just say that someone was nice, they had to be specific.  Then, I typed up all of their responses for each child.  It did require some time, But I felt that it was totally worth it seeing their faces when they read all of the nice things that their classmates said about them.  I could tell that some parents appreciated it too:)

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