Friday, March 15, 2013

Assembly and March is Reading Month Special Mystery Reader

Our day was a little started with a wildlife assembly about saving the rain forest.  The kids really enjoyed it as it included a talking bird, as well as a bird who flew around the gym right above the kids heads!  There were some other animals there too.  The kids were really engaged!

Normally for "March is Reading Month," I have special "mystery readers" come in to read to my class.  These are usually parents, or grandparents.  I schedule with the people beforehand, and have them give me 5 clues for the kids to guess who it will be while they wait to be called down from the office.  Last year, we even had a grandfather last year who was a wonderful artist who actually illustrated poster size pictures to go along with the stories that he read.   I have not had a single volunteer this year:(  This is the first time that has happened.  Today my class had a TRUE mystery reader...he was such a mystery that I did not know that he was coming!

We were just getting settled down for snack and read aloud, when the office called and told me that I had a Michigan State Rep. who was there to read to my class, and would it be okay if he came down.  Apparently, there had been some miscommunication somewhere as the office did not even know that he was coming.  I said that as long as he didn't mind that we were having snack that was fine.  I reminded them to be on their best behavior, and they were:)
It turned out really well I think.  He read a cute story (drawing a blank on the title) regarding teeth, and answered some questions about his job.  I really wish that I would have known sooner as we have not talked a whole lot about government yet this year in social studies.  I think that it was a great experience for the kids, and they even got some bookmarks and toothbrushes too!

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