Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am joining Queen of the First Grade Jungle's linky party!

In case you don't know about this wonderful and FREE site, I would like to let you know about it!  ScootPad is an individualized and trackable website to aid in the teaching of math and language instruction.
Once you set your classroom up, it teaches students based on a given set of skills that you are working on (it has a default or you can customize it to match what you are working on).  They work on these skills until they master them.  Each day my students work on it for about 8-10 minutes each for reading and math and they seem to like it as much as me:)  At the end of each session, it shows students which questions they got correct and incorrect.  In addition, it shows the students what is the correct answer to help them to learn from their mistakes.  When the student masters a set of skills (you can decide what % correct determines mastery), they move onto the next unit (at their own pace).  They can practice at home as well:)

It will send you daily reports to your e-mail letting you know how they are doing.  You can easily see which skills individual students as well as the class are struggling with.  I have found this site to be extremely beneficial to my students reading and math time!

I hope that sharing this helps someone out there!  I give Scootpad two thumbs up!

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