Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reader's Theater

Our classroom genre of the month is "drama."  So, after the kids being off yesterday (and me at professional development), today we started to do reader's theater.  This week is perfect I figure as the kids will also be off on Friday due to it being a records day for teachers. 

I got this book with my Scholastic book order points a couple of months back, and have been looking forward to using it:)
I chose the plays based on the number of students that I had/the number of parts, and then I put them into multi-leveled groups so that they would all be able to help each other.  Then, I gave the students some time to practice their plays.  My plan is to have them draw pictures of their characters for when they perform the skits for each other.  I am thinking of having the kids perform them for their K reading buddies as I am sure that they would really enjoy that:)

Anyone have any reader's theater tips out there?  I have done it a few times before, but am always looking at how to improve things:)

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