Saturday, January 12, 2013

Magical Product Swap!


I am SOOOO EXCITED to take part in Mrs. Stanford's Class product swap!  This is my first time participating in a product swap and my class and I both found it to be great fun!  :)  For those of you wondering what a product swap was (as I was), it is when teachers volunteer to be paired up and swap TPT products, try them out, and review them. I had a wonderful partner in Samantha from!  In addition to being teachers, be both share the love of dogs:)  I have a lot to learn from her both about teaching and about blogging:)
In addition to reviewing her product, I have also found some great ideas to use from her blog, including learning more about writing during math time!

I reviewed her product "Word Work Choice - To Use with ANY Words!" from her Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
As I used an individualized spelling program in my classroom, I found this to be the perfect addition to my word work center as the kids were all able to use their own personal spelling words!  Even if you did a whole class list though, this product would still be helpful because you can use any group of words with it!    I did not get through as many activities this week as I would have liked (we just came back from break on Monday).  But plan on working my way through the rest of them soon!

I didn't take pictures of me prepping as it did not require any prep outside of copying them, and cutting up the directions.  As much as I love my copier at school (as I am sure many of you do;), it was not my best friend this week. we are now on a paper allowance, I really was not happy when it kept "misbehaving" this week:)  This product is very easy to set up even if you are short on time!
Each activity includes a 1/2 page of easy to follow directions for students

The first activity that the kids did was to use "rainbow words."  They did this with a sub this week.  She said that they seemed to enjoy this activity.  I like how they are both practicing their spelling words, as well as their writing skills.  For as many times as I ask them how to start a sentence (cap. letters), and end it (punctuation) they seem to forget...LOL:) 

Next, the students were "Storytellers" and wrote stories using their spelling words.  In looking at their work on this activity, I have some teaching to do...  They get the concept of using spelling words in a sentence, and also writing stories.  I need to work on integrating their understanding of doing both of those things together.

Last, today the students were "Word Detectives."  My class highly enjoyed this activity!  Students chose 3 of their words and had to think of clues to write about each word.  They gave clues such as: rhymes with, # of letters, it would make sense in this sentence "I like to ____."  They did a really nice job and were very engaged with this activity, and I think that it will be a great one to repeat on a regular basis!
Here are some of my students being "word detectives" as they try to figure out their partner's word:)

I would recommend purchasing this product if you are looking to enhance your spelling program!

Thank you to Mrs. Stanford's Class for setting up this product swap!


  1. Looks like a really great activity! I've never done the product swap but I know others love it! I immediately noticed the boy wearing the Spartan t-shirt and I smiled.


    1. This was my first swap and it was a lot of fun! The kids really enjoyed it:) Yes, I too love his Spartan shirt:) I am a proud MSU alum! It is well known throughout my school what a huge fan I am...I even helped to get Sparty to come and visit our school for "March is Reading Month" last year:) GO GREEN!