Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Comparing and Contrasting Writing Unit

I am at home today due to a doctor's appointment.  Am I spending the rest of the day relaxing?  No...I just finished a new writing unit:)

Yesterday I was in two meetings at my school (part of being a split grade teacher), to discuss our district wide informational writing prompt.  One thing that was clear was that I really need to work on teaching my students how to compare and contrast while writing.  I looked on TPT, but did not find what I wanted, so I designed a writing unit:)  You can buy the unit here as well.  :)  If you can think of anything that I should add to improve the unit, please let me know!

I am offering to give this 62 page unit away for free to the first two people who comment:)  I just recently learned that my comment settings were not the way that they should have been, making it very difficult to comment.  But...I recently fixed it:)  So, if you tried to comment to my blog in the past, I hope that you try again in the future (it has already worked successfully for multiple people)!  I am including the table of contents below.

What is comparing and Contrasting? (Page 3)
What do compare and contrast mean? (Page 4)
Why do I need to learn how to compare and contrast? (Page 5)
What is important to think about when comparing and contrasting? (Page 6)
Comparing things (Page 7)
Contrasting things (Page 8)
When do I compare and contrast? (Page 9)
Two ways to compare and contrast (Page 10)
Block Arrangement (Page 11)
Point-by-Point Arrangement (Page 12)
Comparing and Contrasting Writing Tool: Venn Diagram (Page 13)
Venn Diagram (Page 14)
Comparing and Contrasting Planning Tool: Outline (Page 15)
Transitional Words and Phrases (Page 16)
Comparing Words (Page 17)
Contrasting Words (Page 18)
Comparing and Contrasting Writing Practice Table of Contents (Page 19)
Comparing and Contrasting Writing Practice (Pages 20-55)
Block Arrangement blank (can be used with anything) (Pages 56-57)
Point-by-Point blank (can be used with anything) (Page 58-59)
Student Writing Sheet (transition words & writing checklist) (Page 61)
Comparing and Contrasting Writing Checklist (Page 62)

Now that I am done I can get back to laundry and cleaning:) 


  1. I also teach a 1/2 group. This looks like a great resource!

    1. If you send me your e-mail address, I would be happy to send you a copy for free! :)