Sunday, October 16, 2011

Favorite Read Alouds Linky Party

I am joining the "favorite read alouds" linky party!  One of my favorite times of day is reading aloud to my class right after lunch!  This is the perfect time for me as many of them have to go to the bathroom, so they are not missing directions for what comes next.  I read aloud at other times of day too, but generally read only chapter books right after lunch.  I try to stay away from the "new age" books such as Junie B. (not to say that I have never read one to my class), and read more of the older books that they probably do not hear of or see at home.  I am providing links to amazon wherever possible so you can read more about the books:)

My favorite chapter books/series are listed here:

1.  Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series: This is a short series of several books that was originally written about 60 years.  It works well in both 1st and 2nd grade but I really feel that it would be great in any K-3 classroom.  Mrs. Piggle Wiggle has "cures" for things such as tattling, not wanting to go to bed, etc.  It is a class favorite every year!

2.  Ramona books: These are excellent for teaching about realistic fiction!  Beverly Cleary wrote these books long ago, but they are still great in my opinion!

3.  Mr. Popper's Penguins: is an oldie but a goodie:)  Students love to hear about the adventures that the penguins have and all of their silly antics.

4.  Gooney Bird Greene: This is great for the beginning of the year and launching writing workshop.  Gooney is a pro at telling interesting stories!

5.  American Girl Series: I explain to students before I start reading this series that it is for everyone, and not just girls.  I feel that it is perfect to help integrate social studies as students can learn about family life, and life in general and how it has changed over the year.

6.  The Secrets of Ms. Snickle's Class: This is a fun book to read and was written by a classroom teacher.

7.  Mary Poppins: I am an anglophile and love to bring in anything British whenever I have the chance!  We watch the movie when we are done reading it and notice all of the similarities and differences.

8.  Sideways Stories from Wayside School series: This is the PERFECT book to end the year in my opinion as each chapter is (for the most part) its own story.  The story is hilarious!

Monday, October 3, 2011

My First Game Creation:)

I just created and listed my first "real game" with graphics for TPT and am very excited!  It is a beach themed game to practice addition and subtraction facts.  You can view it here.

Now that I know that it is pretty easy to do, I plan on making more.  If you are interested at all in making games, etc., I highly recommend Scrappin Doodles as if you are selling them for money, you do not have to pay an extra fee.  Plus there are some excellent graphics there in my opinion!  I promise...I do not work for them, I just found them and am very happy with them!