Monday, September 26, 2011

First Few Weeks of School

I have not been very good about blogging in the past few weeks, but am hoping to be better now that things are settling down a bit.  The school year has been one of my busiest and most challenging starts in my 10 years of teaching.

One activity that I did the first week that I really liked (and so did the kids) was to read "David Goes to School" from the "No, David" series.  After discussing school rules, each child made their own "David" out of construction paper, and wrote a rule that David needed to follow while at school.  This idea is not my own, as I found it on a blog several weeks back but misplaced where, so if you know please let me know and I will cite it here.  I hope to get up pictures soon:)

Guided math has gotten off to a great start!  Please see that section on my site for more information about it.  I am excited as several teachers in my district are teaching a class on math centers, and I am getting some new information there to use.

I am also excited as we are finishing up our pen pal letters to another school in our state.  It will be interesting as we live in a very much urban/suburban area, and our pen pals live in an extremely rural area.  I actually go by their school quite regularly as our family cottage is nearby.  I hope that it will be an educational and very fun experience for all.  I already have kids asking if they can play with their pen pal.  I explained that at 4 hours away it would be difficult...