Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Math Workstations Blog Party Chapter 6

Thank you to:  Oceans of First Grade Fun for hosting the blog party this week!

How do you support math vocabulary (math talk) at Place Value stations?
I model and encourage students to use place value vocabulary as they play games, and do place value activities.  I like the idea of using card prompts to help them.

What student activities help support your student’s understanding of place value?

I think that what is most important is the use of manipulatives to model place value.

What is your student’s favorite place value work station/activity?
Depending on the child, there are a lot of favorites in my classroom.  Many of the ones listed below can be bought at Lakeshore Learning .  Many of them could be re-created on your own if you rather not spend the money on buying them.  
  • I have...Who has

  • "Race to 100" (like Debbie mentions in the book on p. 142) and "Race to 0" (the opposite).  You can see a chart at this site.
  • "The Digit Game" which is from the "Everyday Math" program.  This can be differentiated by students choosing 2-? cards and then seeing the largest number that they can make with their cards.  It is similar to "War" in that the student that is able to make the larger number keeps all of the cards for that round.
  • I have fish cards with numbers that I bought several years ago.   I use these cards in several ways.
    • Students play "Top-It" with them as the largest fish is 99.
    • Students choose 3-5 cards (depending on their level) and then place them in order from either smallest to largest, or largest to smallest.
    • I also use them when we work on addition and subtraction. The choose 2 cards and either add them together or subtract the smallest from the largest number.
  • Place Value Puzzles 

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