Monday, June 20, 2011

Math Workstations Blog Party Chapter 5

Fact fluency is a school improvement goal for my school right now, so I am really trying to improve this area of my teaching.

How do you support math vocabulary (math talk) at Addition and Subtraction Work stations?
I encourage students to talk with one another while they work at this center, using addition and subtraction vocabulary.
How do you build addition and subtraction fluency?
I think what is most important is to be practicing these skills on a daily basis!  My students go to: the Xtramath everyday in order to practice their fact fluency.  The site is completely free, and pre-tests students when they start the program.  After it knows what they know, it adds a few problems at a time for mastery.  It takes about 10 minutes a day per child for each session (but they could go on for multiple sessions if they wanted at home).  I train the kids to "tag" someone who is a) not done (it places check marks next to kids who are so they know), and b) who is not working with an adult.  It takes about an hour to get through all 27 kids that I had this past year.  We use the "Everyday Math" program at our school, which includes some games on these skills.  Once they master addition, it goes onto subtraction and so on.  I have a variety of games, for kids to practice their math skills as well.

Some of my favorites:
Math Facts Champs - Addition/Subtraction Games
 Simple Addition Partner Game
Wrap-Around Math Games - Gr. 1-2 (Also known as "I have...Who has?)
Other favorites include:
  • "Domino Parking Lot": Students close their eyes and choose a domino and add them up, if that parking spot is empty, they can place the domino there.  If it already has a domino there, they miss that turn and it is their partner's turn.
  • "Domino Top-It": Partners each choose a domino, the one with the larger total keeps both dominoes (just like "War").
  • Flashcards

What type of story problems have you been working on?
To be honest, I really need to improve in this area.  I do like the idea of using sentence frames that she shows on page 107 in the book.  I also like the idea of a class story problem book that she mentions on page 108. 

What is your student’s favorite addition and subtraction work station/activity?
I think that this is a hard question to answer...depends on the student that you ask.  I think that all of the games that I listed above have a few "fans" that really enjoy playing the games.

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