Monday, June 13, 2011

Math Workstations Blog Party Chapter 4

How do you support math vocabulary (math talk) at Beginning Number Concepts stations?
I have to admit that this is a weakness of mine.  This coming year, I definitely want to work on making the "I can" posters, and hopefully including some math "talking points" for each poster.  In addition, I also want to make anchor charts more often than I have in the past.  I also want to start to make math big books with the class.  My district uses the "Everyday Math" program (which spirals), so I think that I will focus on the "common core" skills and base them around that. 

How do your students read, write, order, represent, or compare numbers? What activities support that?

The "Everyday Math" program comes with several games that focus on this skill.  The one that we use the most is "Top-it" which is just like the card game "War."  I definitely want to look for more activities to help with this skill.  Another game that we use in 1st and 2nd grade is the "Digit Game."  For beginners, students each take 2 cards from the top of the pile, and make the largest number with those 2 digits.  Example: player one draws a 6 & a 3 and makes 63, while player two draws a 2 & a 7 and makes 72.  Player 2 wins because 72 is larger than 63.  You can differentiate this by having students select more than 2 cards to practice place value.

What is your student’s favorite number concepts work station/activity?
I would have to say that "Top-it" is a popular game in my classroom.  It can be differentiated in that you can do: regular top-it (comparing 2 cards), addition top-it, subtraction top-it, and multiplication top-it.

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