Saturday, April 30, 2011

Guided Math

I use a guided math approach in my classroom. In addition to calendar in the morning which touches on many skills, students are divided into 4 groups. Each day, students will go to four math centers: guided math with Miss Closs (allowing me to see each child every day), math boxes from the "Everyday Math" program (to review previous skills), and the last two centers vary between a math game, a math skill sheet, reading math related books, and a math activity on the computer. Also during this time, student take a few minutes to do their "xtra math" ( on the computers (generally 4 days per week).  This year I have a straight 1st grade class and do it this way.  But, I also taught a 1st/2nd split class last year (and will again next year), and had 2 groups for each grade.

Ann Arbor Public Schools has a handbook for parents on the use of Everyday Math. Click here to see it. The state of Michigan has created a brochure for parents to see what math skills that their child needs to learn by the end of 1st grade. You may view that here. Many of the computer center websites I found come from here and here. Some other favorite websites include:
Math Baseball
Math Arcade
Interactive Math Games
IXL Games

Internet for Classrooms Math Games
Johnie's Math Page (Primary)

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